The MASS3 Monthly

August 2017 Edition

How to Write Without Feeling Like a Big Dumb Idiot

A new committee, a new editor and a new era of MassCubed Monthly!

Hello Beautiful Masscubers, My Name is Riley and I am your new Editor!

People ask me where I get my inspiration for my social media posts and all the little things I write. Everybody has their own creative process and sources for inspiration, mine just so happens to involve looking at pictures of beautiful men, eating Special K with red berries, dry heaving for approximately 7 to 10 minutes, crying, wet heaving, and then finally mustering the courage to type a sentence into the Internet before collapsing into a pile of spilled coffee and leftover ramen containers.

The truth is, idk where the hell I get inspiration from. I try to follow and read as many funny and creative people as possible, and hope that I’ll absorb even a sliver of their funniness and creativeness and sexiness. And, even though I’m terrible at actually following this advice, I try to get away from my computer and go out into the real world (usually to fetch food or alcohol to drag back to my dank lair) and just kinda pay attention to things while I’m out. Most of what I write about, I think, is just the boring details of my life. The trick is to just add a little flavour so it’s not super boring. In my case, I like to keep adding flavour until it’s too flavourful and everybody’s like, “why didn’t you stop adding flavour you could have stopped but you didn’t why are you doing this to us the children are hungry.”

As for whether people will care or want to read…. Who cares? Write for yourself! This was kinda a weird thing for me to accept, too, cause I’ve always found it difficult to just write when you don’t really have an audience. But that’s the only way you can get started. The more you write, the better you’ll get, and the more people will care and want to hear what you have to say.

It’s also helpful, especially while you’re trying to find your voice and find your audience, to try and write about stuff you KNOW other people will care about, especially stuff YOU love and care about, because, chances are, other people like that shit, too. My go-to things (obviously) are boys and butts and Beyoncé, because every person on this planet can agree upon them, and if I find someone that doesn’t, I MAKE them care by physically shoving a beautifully-sculpted Instagram photo in their face while I tear my vocal chords screeching “Drunk In Love.” But yeah. The more I wrote about those things, the more confident I felt in my own dumb writing and joke-making and Twittering, and I was able to cross over and start writing about myself more. So don’t hold back!** WRITE A WHOLE GODDAMN BOOK. CHUG AN ENTIRE CARTON OF WHOLE MILK. HUG A HOT STRANGER. EAT A SLEEVE OF OREOS IN ONE SITTING. UNLEASH YOUR INNER SPIRIT.**

If you have something you want to contribute or something you want to write, feel free to send me ~or any member of the Committee~ a message or email. This is most definitely a interactive newsletter and everyone is welcome to contribute.